Berg Knife Making specializes in customized blade etchings. These are just examples of some of Dan's previous small and medium size knife blade etching. Please scan though these images for ideas when designing your own custom knife.

 Most blades can be personalized with initials and or a small paw print.


 Our American Flag themed knives are full blade etched with stars.

 Other designs like this Elk can also be personalized.

 This electro etched full blade texture is very popular on large and small blades.

 A variety of custom themed blade etching are available including this Duck hunting themed blade.

 Fish eating fish blade etching. Available on most small and medium sized blades.

 Harley Davidson etched blade.

 Knife above has honey comb full blade etching.

 Many of our designs have enough blade for detailed blade etchings like this Lion Fish.

 Snake Scales full blade metal etching.

 Two tone spider knife etching.

 This knife has a custom two tone woods landscape electro etched onto the blade.

 Stone washed finish is available on knives with removable scales.


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